Erasmus+ Programme / Lifelong Learning Programme

ETUCE, as a European-level social partner, has been monitoring and involved in consultations to establish strategies and major European Commission policies on education and training, such as the EU2020 / ET2020, Erasmus + (2014-2020) / Lifelong Learning Programme (2007-2013), Rethinking Education and European Area of Skills and Qualifications. We participate in the implementation of the major education and training policies of the European Commission. ETUCE is member of 9 Open Method of Coordination Working Groups of the European Commission, which is an  intergovernmental structure of the European Commission to implement the ET2020 and ET2020 targets.


ETUCE has been an observer in the technical committee of the European Commission on Lifelong Learning Programme (2007-2013). ETUCE and other organisations could not have a seat in the Erasmus+ Programme Committee (2014-2020).


ETUCE response to the revision of the Lifelong Learning Programme and on creation of the Erasmus + (earlier so-called Erasmus for All) Programme is included into ETUC Position on the European Commission proposal "Erasmus for all" (2012)

In the framework of a public consultation of the European Commission in 2010, ETUCE issued a Statement on Public Consultations on the future Lifelong Learning Programme

More information
ETUCE Circular 2/2012: New Lifelong Learning Programme: Erasmus for All
ETUCE Circular 1/2012: Concerns of the stakeholders on the Erasmus for All initiative
ETUCE Circular 3/2011: The new Lifelong Learning Programme: Erasmus for All. Comenius, Socrates and Leonardo da Vinci lost against Erasmus provides an overview on preparing the Erasmus+ Programme.
ETUCE Circular 3/2011: Crisis and education provides an overview on the debates on investing to the Erasmus+ Programme.