ETUCE represents staff and personnel of all education sectors, such as teachers of the early childhood education schools/institutions, primary and secondary schools, vocational education and training schools, higher education and research institutes, adult learning institutes and beyond. As the European trade union federation of teachers, researchers and educational staff, ETUCE promotes and defends the rights and status of the teaching profession.

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ETUCE is engaged to improve the quality of teaching by advocating high quality and innovative teacher education and raising standards of teaching, especially through extending the pedagogic use of ICT.

ETUCE advocates for the  improvement of initial education, induction phase and professional development of teachers, review the respective EU policies . ETUCE follows up EU policies on teacher educators.

Learning and working mobility of teachers is essential therefore, we continue examining and influencing the revision of the Directive on Recognition of Professional Qualifications to ensure free movement of teachers in the EU.

Teacher education is a topic in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Education.

Teacher education

ETUCE advocates the need to improve teachers' competences in initial teacher education and in continuous professional education.



  • ETUCE is member in several high-level working groups of the European Commission. ETUCE has been a member of the Open Method of Coordination Working Group on Professional Development of Teachers (2012-2014), and it is a member of Open Method of Coordination Working Group on School policy – Teacher education (2014-2016).
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