ELFE 1 Project (2004-2005)

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The ELFE 1 project was carried out in Denmark, UK, Norway, Germany and Portugal during the period 2004-2005.


To create a European eLearning Forum for Education (ELFE) whose main task was to achieve a better understanding of the strengths and the weaknesses of using ICT in primary and secondary education. Through peer reviewing of previous experiences of eLearning pilot projects carried out in five different European countries (Denmark, UK, Germany, Norway and Portugal), the European eLearning Forum was aimed at:

  • Analysing and sharing good experiences and identify good practices in different countries implementing eLearning methods in their education systems;
  • Studying the possibilities to transfer these good practices to other European countries and the way this transfer could be done; and
  • Creating a wide debate on how the European eLearning Policy should be - from a pedagogical point of view - taking into consideration the social effects and the political approach to deal with in future education plans.


    • 7 meetings of the Project's Steering Committee (SC)
    • 5 visits where 3 SC-members visits 3-4 schools in each of the 5 countries: Denmark, Germany, Norway, Portugal and England
    • 2 conferences: 22.-23. Nov. 2004: experts and school representatives discuss good pedagogical use of ICT in schools. / 5.-6. Sep. 2005: Experts and teachers union representatives discuss suggestion for a Union-policy o­n the use of ICT in schools and suggestion to EU-policy o­n the same matter.
    • School visits schools: 6 teachers from each of the participating 5 countries will visit schools in o­ne of the other participating countries in order to exchange good experience and inspire further school development.
    • Web-site with a Debate Forum: the web-site gives updated information o­n the development of the ELFE project. Originally there was a debate forum, but that has been omitted now.

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