The project “Education for Social Change: The role of Education Trade Unions in addressing sustainable environmental development” aims at building the capacity of education trade unions to prepare their affiliates to address environmental questions and climate emergency for sustainable development in education and training through social dialogue and collective bargaining with the view to address the impact that climate emergency and environmental sustainability measures have on the education sector in the European region

Advisory Group

  • Jean-Luc Barbery ACOD—Onderwijs Belgium
  • Jacob Svejstrup DLF Denmark
  • Claudio Franchi FLC-CGIL Italy
  • Damijana Meza ESTUS Slovenia


This project is funded with support from the European Commission.

In the framework of the project, a desk research combined with an online survey among ETUCE member organisations (EN/FR/RU) provides important findings to identify the major challenges faced by the education sector and education workers in regard to the environment, climate emergency and sustainable development, in different national and local contexts in Europe. The research will also study the role of education trade unions in addressing those challenges through social dialogue and collective bargaining, and will include recommendations for national and EU policymakers

The project research covers the following elements:

  • national findings and European data related to addressing the environmental issues and sustainable development in the education system and relevant professional and other needs of teachers, academics and other education personnel, including curricula, assessments, extra-curriculum activities, initial and continuous professional development of education workers, infrastructure of education institutions, and other elements of the education system;
  • the online survey examines the impact that climate emergency has on European region and education trade union policies, including the provision of equal access to quality education for everyone and integration of education on environmental issues, climate emergency and sustainable development;
  • a collection of actions and practices of education trade unions on addressing education and environment for social change and sustainable development as a social partner in education, as well as on supporting their affiliates in regard to the impact of environmental problems on education institutions and teachers, academics, and other education personnel.

Research Report

Executive Summary