The EU CONVINCE project seeks to provide teachers, other education personnel, school leaders, as well as the education institution community as a whole with tools and methods to deliver inclusive quality education to all and better deal with citizenship related issues both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities.

Advisory Group

  • Odile Cordelier SNES-FSU France
  • Claudio Franchi FLC-CGIL Italy
  • Janina Glaeser GEW Germany
  • Laura Widger Waterford Institute of Technology Ireland
  • Daniel Wisniewski EFEE EU
  • Fred Verboon ESHA EU

Advisory Group


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The Joint Statement on Education for Democratic Citizenship & EU Common Values, is written by ETUCE in partnership with EFEE (European Federation of Education Employers) and ESHA (European School Heads Association). The statement advocates, among other issues, for:

  • Equipping school teachers and other educational personnel’s to promote critical thinking, democratic values, civic engagement and new innovative technologies.
  • Providing autonomy for teachers and other education personnel to manage diversity. More diverse teachers, school leadership and academic staff should be encouraged to facilitate the promotion of mutual respect and to influence schools and educational institutions’ ethos in valuing differences and diversity with the view to achieving inclusive education.
  • A stronger involvement and networking of teachers and educators, school leaders, parents and learners within the school life (‘whole-school approach’) so as to support more democratic learning environments to allow learners to experience democracy and mutual respect (‘democratic school culture’).

The statement is published in English, French, German, Spanish and Russian and is available for dissemination here.

Joint Statement on Citizenship Education & EU Common Values