Deliver decent competitive salaries!

We demand that governments ensure decent salaries for teachers, trainers, academics, and other education personnel. Salaries should be at least equal to the salary level of other professionals who have tertiary level qualifications. We believe that the principle of equal pay for equal work and work of equal value should apply.

In addition, we urge governments to consider the rising cost of living in Europe when determining salaries of teachers, trainers, academics, and other education personnel. Attractive starting salary levels need to be ensured for all education professionals to increase the recruitment and retention of young teachers. Improvements in salaries should also be made in the context of addressing the gender pay gap within the education sector and between education staff in different education sectors and between the teachers and school leaders. It is important to note that while initial salaries of education professionals should be increased, there is still a need for progressive promotion paths and salary scales to aid in their retention.