Support effective career start to ensure retention!

 A supportive and collaborative environment is crucial to help novice teachers feel confident on their first job. Education institutions should provide novice teachers, trainers, academics, and other education personnel with a mentor or coach who can guide and support them through the first years of their career. Allocating sufficient time dedicated to training and allowing for trial and error in lesson preparation and implementation is particularly important for a successful career pathway.

Indeed, creating a positive and supportive school culture that values and recognises the contributions of teachers and other education personnel will contribute to retaining them in the profession.

Working conditions in the education sector must be improved, the administrative burden and red tape needs to be reduced to enhance the attractiveness of the teaching profession. This includes the respect for employee rights such as job security, decent salaries and enticing working conditions, including good health and holiday coverage, fair pension schemes, and social benefits.

Overall, governments must ensure that all teachers, trainers, academics and other education personnel have access to attractive career pathways and opportunities for professional development, taking care to make provisions for maternity, paternity, parental, and care leave.