Make teaching attractive!

Visual signs of solidarity

The added value of the campaign design is to provide a powerful visual representation of the vital need for teachers to be respected, valued and for their demands to be heard. With this campaign, ETUCE amplifies the voices of teachers, trainers, academics and other education personnel across Europe and their 10 key demands to make teaching an attractive career path. The voice of teachers should be heard!

The world of education is truly a colourful one, inviting a wide range of talents in all sorts of domains, catering to students of so many age groups and backgrounds. Teaching bodies should ideally reflect the diversity of the communities they work in. It is not only the people in education institutions that represent a rich set of colours, schools and universities as complex workplaces are faced with a wide variety of challenges to meet their primary goal: provide quality education.

The ETUCE campaign design offers a complex and colourful representation of the 10 key demands that European education trade unions urge governments to act upon. We use icons in speech bubbles to bridge language barriers and communicate teachers‘ needs across borders to make sure that the voice of 11 million teachers and other education personnel at all levels of education is heard. This campaign will add to the pressure on education policy makers at European and national levels to engage in meaningful social dialogue and address the 10 key demands put forward by all member organisations of ETUCE.

Every month, we will focus on one of the demands by highlighting a new icon and tailoring our messages around the topic of the month. ETUCE`s member organisations in 51 countries will have the opportunity to use the same set of visuals on their respective websites and social media channels to promote their national campaign agenda. The use of visuals shared at European level gives national campaigns the immediate support of ETUCE representing 11 million teachers, trainers, academics and other education personnel.

The strength of education trade unions comes from solidarity: united in action, united in the visual space, we can achieve great results! We invite all ETUCE member organisations to download and use the campaign visuals to amplify their agenda at national level and make their voice better heard by showing visual signs of solidarity.