Joint ETUCE-ETUC-ILGA Statement against Homophobic bullying (May 2012)

ETUCE Statement on European Semester 2012 (June 2012)

ETUCE/EFEE Joint Statement on the Professional Qualifications Directive (June 2012)

ETUCE Statement on Post-2015 Development Framework and the future of the Millennium Development Goals (September 2012)

ETUCE Statement of solidarity with our Greek Colleagues (September 2013)

ETUCE Peace Education Meeting Statement (May 2013)

ETUCE Statement in support of the ETUC Rally - 14 March 2013 (March 2013)

ETUCE Statement in solidarity with the Danish Teachers' Unions (March 2013)

Joint ETUC and ETUCE position on ET2020 (June 2014)

ETUCE position on Council Conclusions on Quality assurance supporting education and training (June 2014)